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12:07 p.m. - 2008-11-18
im staring at my phone, waiting for something to happen. always waiting, for you to make something happen. were mainly mysteries to ourselves, but i've figured you out. we like to keep things hidden from ourselves, easier to avoid the lies. gets easier and easier to let you lie to me, to look you in those eyes and believe youre telling me the truth. i know youre telling it to yourself, i believe in your innocence. youre the victim of the lies you tell yourself, and im a victim of my feelings for you. we can go around like this forever, or until one of us fucks up and blurts out the truth.

i know it's going to be me me. i have a bad habit of asking too many questions. i might not be the greatest mathemetician, but i have you added up pretty well, my dear.

a storm is brewing. this is the calm. im handing out the rope. im trying to pull us out of this mess. you just keep tying the rope around your neck, youre strangling us.

im not diving overboard this time.


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